Drive Guardian Now Introduced as a Project on Indiegogo


<div>Drive Guardian has now been introduced as a project on Indiegogo for the guaranteed satisfaction of the people.</div> <p>The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of drivers to this <strong><a title="Driver Drowsy Safety Alert System" href="">Driver Drowsy Safety Alert System</a></strong> as the newest device to protect their loved ones including themselves.</p> <p>The dangers of distracted and drowsy driving are also effectively reduced by the consistent use of this alert system. Due to the reason that distracted and drowsy driving is one of the common issues faced by drivers while on the roads, this device is now introduced to resolve this issue. DDD is also one of the causes of most vehicle crashes that involve bodily injuries and fatalities.</p> <p>Fully equipped with its high performance camera, the <strong><a title="Drive Guardian" href="">Drive Guardian</a></strong> also intelligently monitors the eyes of a driver including his or her pupils. This is usually carried out in a real time. And through the use of the most sophisticated algorithms, the device can alert a driver at the right time. This is also by means of displaying the LED indicators lights and audio warnings.</p> <p>The product has already been featured on Digital Journal, Securities Technology Monitor, Daily Herald,, The Telegraph, The Miami Herald, and Travel Weekly. This only means that this captivated the attention of the reputable companies.</p> <p>In regard to its functionality, the Drive Guardian monitors the pupils and the eyes of a driver. This also mainly depends on the behavior of a driver who exhibits prolonged fluttering and heavy eyes due to lack of sleep.</p> <p>This newest system also makes one feel like he or she has a good and protective companion while driving. They can also be at ease knowing thatthe system is designed to help avoid certain accidents.</p> <p>This first engages in an activity with its green operation status. The LED light now flickers green while it starts to collect data and detects the position of the pupils. For the first warning, it is now seen in its red operation status. The LED light turns red and an alert can be heard when the eyes are closed briefly. This is also especially if the eyes strays from looking straight for a sensitivity time.</p> <p>As per the second warning of the system, the LED lights are turned red. In addition, an alert usually sounds as the eyes still remained close after the first warning. And the third warning involves the LED light that flashes from blue to red. This is in the event that the eyes strays from thirty degrees to sixty degrees from looking forward concerning the preset sensitivity time.</p> <p>Those who can benefit most from the system include of operators of passenger cars, cargo trucks and campers and more. Even the car insurance industry is also able to get the advantage as drivers will be alerted if it is no longer safe to drive at this hour or moment.</p> <p>Apart from it, this can also be used for educational purposes to increase the awareness of people. They can be guided about the use and purpose of this device. This is also beneficial to be used by all independent truck operators and fleet managers. This served its best purpose of being an effective and manageable tool to use that reduces the cost of crashes brought by DDD. This also helps lower their so-called CSA score.</p> <p>Drive Guardian also boasts for its high specifications and features including the following: infrared LED, operational status LED, camera lens, function switch, I/O port, power socket and USB port. The operation status LED is a form of display of distraction and drowsiness statuses. The camera lens also helps monitor the condition of a driver in real-time. In regard with the infrared LED, this detects the face of a driver in darker and dimmer environments. The function switch also controls the detection and volume sensitivity.</p> <p>Other specifications include of micro speaker, operation status LED, interface with USB and external I/O, flash memory, CMOS image processor, one-fourth inch lens, ARM9 SoC, Voice IC for effective sounds, pre-recorded announcements and various warnings. This also specifically features a power consumption of 2.5 watts and operating temperature of four degrees to one-hundred fifty-eight degree Fahrenheit.</p> <p>Through a quick and simple setup guide, the power cord can be plugged into a cigarette car lighter. Apart from it, the Drive Guardian can now be affixed behind the steering wheel. And then, the camera can be adjusted in its detectable eye position.</p> <p>It is expected that people will support the project for its mass production and will place their initial orders to be able to get the system into all vehicles in the country. This is also right after it debuted at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in Nevada this January.</p> <p>If you are interested to know more about the system, feel free to visit this link <a title="" href=""></a></p> <p><strong>For Media Contact:</strong><br />Person Name: Tzuchiang Hsieh<br />Company: Drive Guardian<br />Email:</p>




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