China Company Brings New Styles of Light Mirror & Bathroom Mirrors for Contemporary Built Space

<div>Shanghai Divas Glass Co, Ltd creates new and inventive mirror designs to be installed in homes, hotels and other buildings to help enhance the aesthetic appeal of the modern bathrooms.</div> <p><strong>Shanghai, China, 04, April 2016:</strong> A new range of bathroom mirrors, including electric lighted mirrors, LED vanity mirrors, LED illuminated mirrors, etc are now available on the online store of Shanghai Divas Glass Company. One can glimpse through the complete mirror range online at, and can choose the mirror that suits their style and the home décor.</p> <p>According to the spokesperson of the company, they have an exclusive <strong><a title="light mirror" href="">light mirror</a></strong> range that features artistic designs and the light fitting can add to their beauty. Fitted with LED light strips, the mirror can have an amazing illuminating effect and also brings clarity and visibility to the images. The mirrors are sandblasted with the light illumination, and the sandblasting area can have a different design to make mirrors look more attractive. The mirror with 5mm to 6mm thickness and IP20 or IP44 rated backside are meant for a long-lasting use.</p> <p>The company offers a variety of <strong><a title="bathroom mirror" href="">bathroom mirror</a></strong> designs for a customer to pick the best mirror that can enhance the decorative value of the bathroom. They can supply decorative mirrors for bathrooms in custom designs, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Customers can place orders in bulk for their hotel or restaurant projects and can find bathrooms mirrors that can precisely meet their project requirements. These mirrors come with the hanging frames or can be fixed into the wall. The framed mirrors come with heating pads and custom light fittings.</p> <p>Besides supplying a wide range of mirrors, also has a significant <strong><a title="mirror cabinet" href="">mirror cabinet</a></strong> stock for customers. These small, compact and beautifully designed cabinets can be used for keeping makeup items, shaving kits, medicines and other small items. The elegant frames have aluminum frames that are rustproof. With LED lights, the cabinets are a safe storage solution to keep a variety of items safe and intact and also easy to find, when needed.</p> <p>In order to check their mirrors and cabinets, one can visit the website <a title="" href=""></a></p> <p><strong>About Shanghai Divas Glass Co, Ltd</strong></p> <p>Shanghai Divas Glass Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bathroom heated mirrors. The company has been manufacturing the bathroom mirror demister pad since 13 years back. They specialize in various types of mirrors, including LED bathroom mirrors, illuminated mirrors, heated anti fog mirrors, hotel project vanity mirrors, bathroom mirror cabinet, and framed bathroom mirror as well as frameless mirrors.</p> <p><strong>For Media Contact:</strong></p> <p>Company: Shanghai Divas Glass Co,.Ltd</p> <p>Address : No.1359 Dongfand Rd, Pudong Shanghia</p> <p>Shanghai, China</p> <p>Email Id:</p> <p>Website:</p>




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