Kasey Waller Is On A Mission From Poverty To Entreprenuership While Helping Others To Succeed.

<div>Kasey Tyler-Waller was born in Chicago, IL. She then later moved to Joliet, which is a small suburb right outside Chicago.</div> <p><strong>16, January 2016:</strong> <em>Kasey Tyler-Waller</em> was born in Chicago, IL. She then later moved to Joliet, which is a small suburb right outside Chicago when she was 5 years old with her mother and brother. Kasey continued to live there and graduated high school. She now resides in Plano, TX with her husband and 4 children. Kasey has always been an ambitious individual who had dreams of helping others, especially those around her. Kasey and her husband believe that it is their responsibility to leave a legacy for their future generations. Considering that she was one who lived in poverty and was blessed to later make a living for herself, she feels as though she is the bridge that can gap both perspectives because she can relate to both sides. Kasey is a believer in Jesus Christ who she has accepted as her Lord and Savior. She makes it a priority to share the Gospel with all she comes in contact with. She believes that He is the solution to all problems within people’s lives as well as in society.</p> <p align="center"><img title="Kasey Waller" src="" alt="Kasey Waller" /></p> <p align="/center"><br /> <br /> Because of the hardships growing up such as , losing her mother at the age of 8, living in shelters, losing her home due to a fire, living in poverty and becoming a teenage parent; she feel that she can overcome anything. With her leadership skills and a heart for people, she is destined to help many people overcome their trials and tribulations by implementing principles that she feels has been successful in her life. Right after high school, Kasey started her career in the dental field and became an Orthodontic Assistant. After realizing that was a dead end job, Kasey and her husband decided to take a leap of faith and start their journey on the road of entrepreneurship.<br /> <br /> Ever since, they have continued to embark on that journey. Kasey now is Assistant Vice President of Bank of America Merchant Services, where she helps businesses grow and accept credit cards. Because she has dreams of being her own boss and building her own dream, she is currently building her business part time too. She assists people with planning their lives in every area, with the hopes that they could make their dreams a reality. She encourages people to get paid to live. Kasey is a part of an organization in the Multi-Level Marketing industry, where the more people you help, the more you earn. Her motto is “Money is not the mission, Money funds the mission”. She believes that when one pays it forward and assist others, the money will come. There are many great things that Kasey has cooking up; soon she will be sharing all what’s to come. .<br /> <br /> LEARN MORE: <a title="WWW.KASEYWALLER.COM" href="">WWW.KASEYWALLER.COM</a></p>




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