Hair Stylist Felicia Nicole Is Taking Her Business To A New Level With Digital Marketing. (Www.Felicianicolehair.Com)

<div>Meet Felicia Nicole, a Lancaster S.C. native who has worked as a licensed cosmetologist for over 25 years.</div> <p><strong>16, January 2016:</strong> Meet Felicia Nicole, a Lancaster S.C. native who has worked as a licensed cosmetologist for over 25 years. She earned her license through the Vocational courses at Lancaster High School and there after began working as a stylist in a local salon. She also has received numerous certificates and credits from Dudley Cosmetology School over the years.</p> <p> </p> <p align="center"><img title="Felicia Nicole" src="" alt="Felicia Nicole" /></p> <p align="/center"> </p> <p>Realizing her gift, she began to gain many clients based on her knowledge of how to create stylish hair designs as well as advice on ways to keep your hair healthy and vibrant.</p> <p> </p> <p align="center"><img title="Hair by Felicia Nicole" src="" alt="Hair by Felicia Nicole" /></p> <p align="/center"> </p> <p>Felicia Nicole spent 11 years in Lancaster S.C. as the owner of “Blessed Hands Salon” and managed a staff of 6 stylist. Also tapping into the fashion industry with her very own clothing boutique called “Royal Attire Boutique”.</p> <p>Felicia Nicole believes in continued education and is currently perfecting her craft through working with various work shops and salons.</p> <p>As technology increases, the ability to connect with consumers through social media has become the norm for many business owners. Felicia decided it was time to tap into the digital world with her stylish hair designs by teaming up with JDS Certified Inc. a digital marketing company. She hopes by targeting & engaging with more people online it will increase her clientele base and help to make her brand a house hold name.</p> <p>“Hair by Felicia Nicole” works with All ethnicities, male and female, with a special emphasis on maintaining healthy hair and is also an authorized distributor of Kimmy Hair.</p> <p><strong>LEARN MORE</strong>: WWW.FELICIANICOLEHAIR.COM</p> <p><strong>CONNECT:</strong></p> <p>FACEBOOK: @HAIRBYFELICIANICOLE</p> <p>TWITTER: @HAIRBYFELICIA</p> <p>INSTAGRAM: @HAIRBYFELICIANICOLE</p>




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