PlacidWay Launches PlacidMobile 2.0 Medical Tourism App for Android and iOS

<div>PlacidMobile 2.0, PlacidWay’s Medical Tourism App is now available FREE for Android and iOS users. The Medical Tourism App provides the most comprehensive global treatment abroad options to consumers worldwide.</div> <p><strong>Denver, CO, USA; 09, January 2016:</strong> <strong><a title="PlacidWay" href="">PlacidWay</a></strong> a worldwide leader in medical tourism information and facilitation services is elated to announce the launch of <strong>PlacidMobile 2.0.</strong> The updated version of the FREE mobile app will allow consumers to easily access medical tourism information from their iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices.</p> <p>Smartphone penetration has also grown exponentially in recent years. Based on a consumer survey conducted by Deloitte, seventy-one percent of 18-54-year-olds and 37% of those aged 55 years are smartphone users. Nearly 50% of cell phone users depend on mobile technology to perform tasks such as research, accessing the Internet, shopping and a lot more such as healthcare needs.</p> <p>“In this age of advanced technology, everyone demands that information should be readily accessible through their mobile devices and tablets,” says <strong>Mr. Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay.</strong> “Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used by consumers exploring their options. <strong>PlacidMobile 2.0</strong> can help consumers who want to research their global medical options whenever and wherever they are and obtain reliable information,” explains <strong>Mr. Goel.</strong></p> <p align="center"><img title="PlacidWays PlacidMobile 2015 version 2.0 iPad" src="" alt="PlacidWays PlacidMobile 2015 version 2.0 iPad" width="576" height="224" /></p> <p align="/center"> </p> <p><strong>PlacidMobile is based on popular medical tourism portal which was originally launched in November 2014.</strong> PlacidWay has seen a significant growth over the years and a shift toward mobile users versus desktop/laptop users. According to Pew Research Center, cell phone ownership among American adults aged 18 and older reached 90% in 2014, up from 53% in 2000. This number is expected to surpass 100% worldwide in 2015 as the number of mobile devices surpasses the total population. Now, PlacidWay has nearly 40% of the traffic coming from mobile users, mostly from individuals over 50+ years old - baby boomers who are the real consumer of healthcare services.</p> <p>Healthcare consumers may now benefit from <strong>PlacidMobile 2.0</strong> as it has a newer user interface which complies with the latest mobile apps design. Users can now search for medical options in over 40 countries accessing over 1000 medical centers. Medical travelers can also compare thousands of packages as well as pricing options for different procedures from medical centers all over the globe.</p> <p>The <strong><a title="medical tourism app" href="">medical tourism app</a></strong> also provides <strong>live customer support chat</strong> to help consumers with their questions or concerns. Through the mobile app, patients and consumers can also interact with their family and friends by sharing information about medical centers, packages and pricing details. Getting a FREE quote may now be easier, as this may also be provided with the upgraded mobile app.</p> <p>“Mobile applications offer a huge potential to deliver effective, inexpensive (sometimes FREE), simplified, and customized solutions to consumer and professionals, especially in healthcare. This is also the reason why PlacidWay is launching a FREE add-on service for our customers because we aim to build sustainable medical tourism solutions,” <strong>Mr. Goel</strong> concludes.</p> <p align="center"><img title="PlacidWays PlacidMobile 2015 version 2.0 iPhone" src="" alt="PlacidWays PlacidMobile 2015 version 2.0 iPhone" width="576" height="224" /></p> <p align="/center"> </p> <p><strong>PlacidMobile 2.0</strong> is offered to consumers and medical travelers for <strong>FREE</strong>! The app is available all over Asia, Europe, North & South America on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. You can download the app by searching “<strong>PlacidMobile</strong>” in both <strong><a title="Google Play" href="">Google Play</a></strong> and the <strong><a title="Apple iTunes App Store" href="">Apple iTunes App Store</a></strong>.</p> <p><strong>About PlacidWay:</strong></p> <p><strong><a title="PlacidWay" href="">PlacidWay</a></strong>, one of the leading medical tourism providers in the world, continues to expand its global reach by creating mobile applications so it can provide better medical facilitation services to medical travelers around the world who experience scarcity in the medical services they receive in their home countries.</p> <p>Download PlacidMobile <strong><a title="Medical Tourism App" href="">Medical Tourism App</a></strong> now so you can book your treatments anytime, anywhere using your mobile phones and gadgets!</p>




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