Innovative Software iFoneMate Allowing iPhone Users to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages and More

<div>iFoneMate: iPhone Data Recovery Tool is a new software for iOS users that has been doing rounds on social media. The app enables users to recover deleted iPhone text messages and other content like pictures and contacts.</div> <p><strong>29, December 2015:</strong> There are many gimmicks in the market when it comes to an <strong><a title="iPhone data recovery software" href="">iPhone data recovery software</a></strong>. There is rarely a software that has a true purpose and is not just a gimmick or a labyrinth of codes and complicated instructions. The recently launched software known as iFoneMate has been doing rounds on social media because allegedly, it can help iPhone users to retrieve not only deleted text messages but other content like pictures and contacts also.</p> <p>iFoneMate is stated to be an iPhone recovery software that can be used by anyone because it doesn’t involve too many complicated steps. According the developers of iFoneMate, the software has been developed the give the consumers an easy and affordable iPhone data recovery to recover deleted iPhone text messages, pictures and contacts and so on.</p> <p>"iFoneMate is one of the most effective iPhone data recovery tools in the market today. Not only is it completely user-friendly, it is affordable too and data can be recovered in a few simple steps. Users can recover data that they’ve lost while switching Apple IDs, data they’ve deleted by mistake or data that they’ve lost while updating iOS,” stated the spokesperson for iFoneMate.</p> <p>He further added “<strong><a title="iPhone message recovery" href="">iPhone message recovery</a></strong> and iPhone data recovery in general has always been associated with something that needs professionals or expensive softwares with complicated steps. However, iFoneMate is changing everything! Available for Windows and Mac both, users can simply connect their iPhone, iPod or iPad with their computer, scan and recover deleted iPhone text messages and data.”</p> <p>More details, reviews and pricing for iFoneMate can be viewed on the software’s official website at</p> <p><strong>For Media Contact:</strong></p> <p>Contact Person: John (Sales Manager)</p> <p>Address: 9600 Bellaire Blvd. Suite 101</p> <p>Houston, Texas 77036</p> <p>Phone: 650-206-2187</p> <p>Email:</p> <p>Website: <a title="" href=""></a></p>




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