California Payroll Changes: What Businesses in San Francisco Need to Know

<div>The experts at AP Payroll provideeasy, up-to-date payroll andtax servicesfor San Francisco businesses.</div> <p><strong>Northridge California; 28, December 2015:</strong> The upcoming <strong>changes in payroll laws in California</strong> have many San Francisco business owners scrambling to prepare. Some of LA’s top companiesuse <strong><a title="AP Payroll Services" href="">AP Payroll Services</a></strong> to keep their business in <strong>compliance with statewide minimum wage and employee health care changes</strong>, while making profits.</p> <p align="center"><img title="AP Payroll" src="" alt="AP Payroll" /></p> <p align="/center"> </p> <p>Using the services of the <strong>AP Payroll Service</strong> Bureau means no hassles with payroll preparation, no IRS penalties and affordable prices. Eliminating the risk of assessments and penalties from the Internal Revenue Service is a valuable service. The results mean never being hit with a penalty or paying the wrong amount. Checks can be electronically deposited on payday or can be paper checks. Processing is available for as many as fifty employees and contractors.</p> <p>Three major changes coming from the federal and state government will result in businesses completing even more tax paperwork for employees. Many current Californiatax and payroll programs will be obsolete and require upgrades to meet the state’s requirements. That’s where the experts at <strong>AP Payroll</strong> can assist.</p> <p>"The most important tax and payroll changes this year revolve around the Healthcare Act and minimum wage increases in the state," says <strong>AP Payroll</strong> Owner Ryan Lee. “We provide <strong>affordable solutions</strong> for updating a business’ paperwork to comply with these changes."</p> <p>In California, the minimum wage will be increased to ten dollars per hour, beginning January 1, 2016. Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to require that businesses in Los Angeles County must pay $10.50 beginning July 1, 2016. The rate will increase gradually to $15 per hour by 2020. The workers who will benefit from the L.A. County actions include those who are employed by the County, work in unincorporated areas, or whose employers contract with the County. The increase will affect as many as 155,000, almost half of San Francisco County workers. Nearly 500,000 workers will be affected in the City of San Francisco.</p> <p><strong><a title="AP Payroll Services" href="">AP Payroll Services</a></strong> has been aware of these important upcoming changes since the California legislation was passed, and the company immediately began planning for the upcoming changes. <strong>APP</strong> also works quickly to prevent businesses from paying penalties.</p> <p><strong>AP Payroll</strong> handles 100 percent of all payroll needs including taxes, W2 forms, health insurance and garnishments. Users can submit payroll information via email or by using their online platform for quick updates and changes.</p> <p>Going with one of the <strong>best payroll services in San Francisco</strong> to update paperwork and address tax reform is good business. Businesses can avoid penalties by visiting their website at <a title="" href=""></a></p> <p><strong>About AP Payroll:</strong></p> <p>AP Payroll is proud to offer the best Full service and Self-Service, Web-Based Payroll Solution available to San Francisco business owners. Now you can trust your payroll is in good hands with AP Payroll. There is nothing better than personal attention from a trusted advisor who knows your business. Our high-quality payroll service is customized for you and your business. Rely on us to deliver top quality service all year long. You’ll be delighted with the results!</p> <p><strong>For Media Contact:</strong></p> <p>Ryan Lee, Owner</p> <p>Email:</p> <p>Phone: 818-528-5535</p> <p>Website: AP Payroll Service</p> <p>Northridge, California</p>




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