PCL Group Announces To Provide the Fiber Laser Machine and UV Flatbed Digital Printer

<div>For industrial clients all across the world, China based PCL Group now announces to provide the best quality UV LED digital printers and fiber laser cutting machines.</div> <p><strong>Shandong Province, China; 17, December 2015:</strong> With their high quality digital printers and high precision laser cutting machines, PCL Group intends to meet the industrial requirements of their clients all around the world. The flatbed digital printer can be used for printing on a variety of surfaces with a greater efficiency, while the fiber laser cutting machines could be used for quality metal cutting at a great speed.</p> <p>The company supplies the <strong>UV LED digital printer</strong> that has applications in the fields of wood board and glass board printing. The latest technology allows printing on various surfaces without a need of any kind of surface protection. According to the spokesperson of the company, the ink becomes so hard after the printing that brings a faster production time with an instant curing process. Besides saving time, it also helps reduce the printing cost, as there is no need of lamination or any surface coating. At the same time, it reduces the need of additional labor and makes printing hassle-free.</p> <p>The spokesperson reveals that they promote eco-friendly and green printing with their <strong>flatbed digital printer</strong> that uses zero VOCs UV ink for printing. The ink is safer for the environment as well as for humans. The company has a range of digital printers to choose from that come with different specifications. According to the spokesperson, they have digital printers that can be widely used in the packaging industry, decoration industry and 3D printing industry. The printer can be used for printing efficiently on wood, glass, acrylic and various metallic or non-metallic surfaces.</p> <p>PCL Group also boasts of its <strong>fiber laser cutting machine</strong> that is often appreciated for its precise metal cutting capabilities. Equipped with a quality laser beam, the machine can accomplish precise cutting at a faster speed. As compared to other cutting solutions, PCL Group’s laser cutting machines are always more efficient and proves to be a cost-effective way of cutting metal sheets, steel pipes and other metal cutting.</p> <p>To check the features of their digital printers and laser cutting machines, one can visit the website</p> <p><strong>About PCL Group:</strong></p> <p>PCL Group has been dedicated to research and develop the CNC laser cutting machine, CNC router machines, plasma cutting machine for many years. They have a strong team of experts who have over ten years of experience in Metalworking industry and Woodworking industry. The company endeavors to provide the most efficient and the most economic working scheme for different industrial applications.</p> <p><strong>For Media Contact:</strong></p> <p>Email:</p> <p>Website: <a title="" href=""></a></p>




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