BlackstoneValleyGroup Invests In The Seed Round of The Upcoming Freelance Platform – Truelancer

<div>BlackstoneValleyGroup, a US based company invests in the seed round of a promising Indian start-up company, Truelancer.</div> <p><strong>09, December 2015:</strong> BlackstoneValleyGroup, a US based company invests in the seed round of a promising Indian start-up company, Truelancer. Truelancer is a freelance platform that enables experts from many fields to trade their skills for a reasonable price.<br /> <br /> <strong><a title="BlackstoneValleyGroup" href="">BlackstoneValleyGroup</a></strong> has always been an inspiration to start-up companies. Raghu Vohra led a team of investors, which includes Dr. Aditya Dev Sood, Kamal Bansal and other angel investors have always contributed to the betterment of budding businesses with a strong potential. They nurture and impair their knowledge and expertise to help the start-up grow exponentially. Truelancer, which is the latest venture BlackstoneValleyGroup funded, will be having the opportunity to have the experienced entrepreneur, Raghu Vohra in their Board of Directors.<br /> <br /> <strong><a title="Truelancer" href="">Truelancer</a></strong> is a freelance platform that enables skilled professionals to meet employers in the international arena, and vice versa. The New Delhi based online platform will open an ample skill market for not only millions of Indians but billions of the worldwide populations. Truelancer offers free registration, free opportunities to search for prospective jobs, and to submit completed projects free of charge. The start-up, which is managed by Truelancer Internet Private Limited offers an array of categories including IT and Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Crafts, Video Design, Creative Writing and many more making this the one stop store for high quality and low cost talent acquisition needs for buyers around the globe. High-end features of the platform are truly attractive. The secure and reliable payment method that releases funds only upon the completion of a project, allows buyers and sellers of the platform to work on high dollar value projects without the slightest fear of being paid or receiving the job after making the payment.<br /> <br /> The <strong><a title="BlackstoneValleyGroup" href="">BlackstoneValleyGroup</a></strong> expects that their contribution in the seed round will help the start-up to stand on their feet and perform well in the business world. For more details on BlackstoneValleyGroup and Truelancer platform, visit their official websites at <a title="" href=""></a> and <a title="" href=""></a>.<br /> <br /> <strong>Contact Us:</strong><br /> To learn more on the investment made by BlackstoneValleyGroup, please contact:<br /> Name: Raghu Vohra<br /> Website: <a title="" href=""></a><br /> Twitter: @blackstonevg</p>




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