PUMPERSOCK USA Ensures Ultimate Safety During Concrete Pumping Through 3 Revolutionary Products

PUMPERSOCK USA - The innovative concrete sock inventors in the region has introduced three new high-end products to their collections.

<p><strong>PUMPERSOCK USA, 03, December 2015:</strong> The innovative concrete sock inventors in the region has introduced three new high-end products to their collections.</p> <p><br /> Accidents during concrete pumping are expected in almost all circumstances. In order to mitigate the damages caused in case of a burst in a tip hose, 90/elbow, or the straight pipe, PUMPERSOCK USA has introduced three protective socks for pump trucks. These additional components will act as protective gear and protect workers and property from high-pressure splatters and high volume debris caused by accidental bursts. The ultimate concrete socks come as three distinct products, namely, Tip Hose attached to 90 Degree/ Elbow Sock, 90 Degree/ Elbow Sock, and Straight Pipes Sock.</p> <p><br /> Tip Hose attached to 90 Degree/Elbow Sock is the protective sock that retains the concrete contained inside the guarded area in the event of a burst pipe, burst hose or detached hose during operation. This sock not only covers the tip of the hose but also both 90s at the 4th stage.</p> <p><br /> The classic 90 Degree/ Elbow Sock is the ideal product to retain debris and concrete within the boundaries during an accidental burst occurred in an elbow bend of a pipe. The premium safety concrete sock covers both 90&rsquo;s at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stages, and covers the turnt 90 and makeup pipe as well. The primary function of this concrete sock is to minimize damages during a pressure build-up. The damage that could occur in the absence of this 90 Degree/ Elbow Sock during concrete pumping could be devastating to the people, animas and property in the vicinity.</p> <p><br /> Finally yet importantly, the Straight Pipes Sock is the savior that puts a stop to damages caused in the event of a burst pipe. This advanced PUMPERSOCK USA concrete sock has the ability to retain concrete contained in the guarded area of a vulnerable straight pipe. While the standard sock comes in 10ft, customers are encouraged to order 4ft, 11ft or other customized sizes.</p> <p><br /> Exclusive materials of these three special concrete socks feature antimicrobial properties and color retention properties. Cleaning process is ultra easy as users could prepare a cleaning solution merely using 1 tbsp. of liquid dish detergent and 2 tbsp. of household bleach, mixed in a gallon of water. Rinsing thoroughly in clean water and air drying on a daily basis will increase the durability and efficiency of the concrete socks in the long run.<br /> For more information, visit <a title="" href=""></a></p> <p><br /> <strong>To learn more on PUMPERSOCK USA products, please contact:</strong><br /> Name: PUMPERSOCK USA<br /> Address: P. O. Box 24189 Houston, TX 7722<br /> Telephone: 936-202-7450</p>




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