How to choose Best Optical Recognition Software for your business

The Nanonets OCR API allows you to build OCR models with ease.

<p>The first step towards full digitization of business, personal life, and government, is to automate the workflow process. One of the most promising ways to bring workflow process automation into service is to use software that can detect objects and read characters, for various types of industries. You can find more information here - <a href=""></a> .</p> <p>One such software that has proved to be indispensable in workflow automation is OCR.</p> <p>Let’s see some applications of OCR:</p> <p>●       Analyzing invoices & receipts</p> <p>For business, organizing receipts can be a hassle. OCR helps in extracting key fields and line item details from all sort of receipts like restaurant bills, grocery receipt, etc.</p> <p>●       Passport & Licenses</p> <p>With OCR, you can extract picture on the ID along with all the key details.</p> <p>●       Automating scoring of exam papers</p> <p>OCR can automate the whole process-scanning of the answer sheet, recognizing, extracting the data and grading.</p> <p>●       Scanning handwritten cheques for banks</p> <p>To speed up the rate of money transfer and teller’s activity, banks are accepting the image of handwritten filled & signed cheques from customers. Bank, with the help of OCR, extracts the characters in the cheque, including the handwritten ones.</p> <p>●       Book Scanning</p> <p>OCR is widely used in book scanning or book digitization, the process of converting physical books into digital media such as images, electronic text, or e-books.</p> <p>●       Analyzing Bank Statements</p> <p>OCR gives an insight about bank details, transaction details, and balances, by recognizing bank statements.</p> <p>●       Number plate recognition</p> <p>OCR, with deep learning-enabled object detection, helps business and organizations, that regularly use number plates to identify assets, customers, or other individuals, in streamlining the work process through automation.</p> <p>●       Analyzing business forms</p> <p> </p> <p>Furthermore, it must be noted that OCR enabled software uses technology to read patterns and features. A simple <a href="">OCR program</a> has been considered to read and recognize various patterns and fonts. When any of the compatible programs are processed using OCR enabled software, it uses technology to primarily convert it to machine-readable text inaccurate manner to become more search-oriented.</p> <p>You can use <a href="">OCR software</a> to convert PDF to text, digitize documents, extract text from images etc.</p> <p> </p>




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