Automate Text Recognition From Passports, Number Plates & Handwritten Texts

In this era of digitization, storing, editing, indexing and finding information in a digital document is much easier than spending hours scrolling through the printed/handwritten/typed documents.

<p>San Francisco, CA, USA, September 27, 2019 – Most organizations today are adopting digital technologies, and digitization of documents is one of their important goals to achieve. With this, the need of reading text of digital documents has also become very important in any organization. With the help of the OCR technology and deep learning, reading texts of invoices, legal documents and other types of scanned images is no more a daunting task. One can learn more about it by accessing a blog post on this topic, available on the website.</p> <p>This well-arranged blog post talks about the difficulties and challenges of the <a href="">text recognition</a> and how Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology can solve the problem. According to the blog author, extracting texts could be really difficult when there are different fonts, backgrounds and geometrical distortions in the image. If the image taken is obscure, then reading the text could be a difficult proposition. This is where one can use the machine learning OCR tools.</p> <p>Searching texts in a large document could be a time-consuming and a cumbersome process, if it is done manually. The problem even becomes more confounding when there are unstructured texts at random places throughout a scanned document or an image. The blog recommends preprocessing of documents before the <a href="">OCR to text</a> reading for the recognition of unstructured text. For example, it will be necessary to remove the noise and complex background from the image. One should also focus on balancing the light of the image, so that the OCR tool can read the document without any difficulty.</p> <p>After reading the blog, one will be able to learn about the appropriate text detection techniques that can allow detection of texts in a document. There are also techniques that can detect text both in images and videos. After detecting the text, there could be several techniques used for the recognition of the text. The blog discusses some of the best techniques of recognizing text, such as CRNN, machine learning OCR etc.</p> <p>To learn more about these text recognition techniques, one can refer to the blog post available at <a href=""></a>. <br /> <br /> About</p> <p> offers a platform to machine learning and computer vision enthusiast who has a passion for research and programming and believes in spreading the knowledge by sharing in-depth information from the field. A writer or blogger can reach out to help the machine learning developers around the world with thorough market research, literature reviews and comprehensive tutorials on the state of the art in computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence.</p> <p> </p> <p>For Media Inquiries –</p> <p>Telephone: +1 650 382 8676</p> <p>Email:</p> <p>Website:<br /> <br /> </p> <p> </p>




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