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We now present five trends for the year 2019 in the area of web security that seem particularly important to us.

<p>Almost everyone spends at least some time on the Internet every day. For companies and business people, the World Wide Web is even an important tool for work and help and it is hard to imagine life without it. But the Web also brings dangers with it. Viruses such as Trojans or worms, phishing websites, etc. are just a few of the threats we face when surfing the web. Web security is therefore a particularly important issue. In the following text, we therefore present the top 5 trends in the industry in more detail. <br /> <br /> Web Security - what is it actually? <br /> <br /> Web security is a topic that deals with security on the Internet. Unlike IT Security, which deals with the security of computers and networks itself, Web Security aims at the security of websites, Web Apps, etc. It often goes hand in hand with IT security, but it is a very important topic in its own right. The last two years have made it very clear that even large and professional websites of well-known companies and even public authorities are not sufficiently secured. Web security should recognize these problems and eliminate them as far as possible. <br /> <br /> The five top trends in web security for the year 2019<br /> <br /> In the following, we now present five trends for the year 2019 in the area of <a href="">web security</a> that seem particularly important to us. We would like to help you get an overview of the situation and show you what changes and trends you can expect in the current year. Perhaps you can even implement some of the trends yourself for your Internet presence or for your company and thus prepare yourself for the future. <br /> <br /> Trend 1: Improved server security<br /> <br />&nbsp; <a href="">Server security</a> is an important issue when it comes to web security. The web server not only hosts its own website, but its databases also store customer data and payment information. If the server is secured against unauthorized access, the website will be much more secure. Today's servers are equipped with modern software for this purpose. This includes not only antivirus programs that keep viruses away, but also software that is capable of detecting threats such as DDoS attacks or brute force attacks to crack passwords. This software will continue to develop this year and we can expect a constantly increasing level of security and protection for our servers. Only in this way can companies meet the legal requirements and the expectations of their customers.</p> <p>Trend 2: Improved programming languages<br /> <br /> An important measure to make the Internet and websites safer is to improve the programming languages used. JavaScript and other languages used in web development must be free of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and criminals. This circumstance is also known to the developers. Not only the web designers work tirelessly to find security holes and errors in the code. Even the developers of the programming languages themselves are constantly looking for new ways to make their scripting and programming languages even more secure and improve them without compromising performance. Of course, this only works if the operators of the websites and servers use the software accordingly and also install and use new features and updates. <br /> <br /> Trend 3: Software and web updates<br /> <br /> For each software an update is released at regular intervals, which closes security gaps and in many cases also brings new functions or better performance with it. It is important that this software is also installed. While this was often neglected in the beginning, companies today are more concerned with keeping their IT up to date. The trend here is clearly towards updates and security. The same applies to websites. After publication, they are often not changed anymore or only slightly - for example, a few text characters or photos. This not only creates boring content that is no longer up-to-date, but also harbours security risks. Here, too, a change is taking place in the area of web security. Websites are maintained more frequently, more thoroughly and better, and important factors and aspects from the area of security are also taken into account. <br /> <br /> Trend 4: User sensitization <br /> <br /> This trend is not new. For several years now, it has been evident that authorities and security experts have been sensitizing users to security issues. Thus it has been achieved that today we are much more cautious and cautious on the Internet. This applies in particular when we have to provide our personal data or payment information. This trend will also be reflected in <br /> <br /> Conclusion and summary<br /> <br /> Web security is an important topic, which will also be topical long beyond the year 2018. There is hardly an area where so much is happening and so much is new as here. For this reason, it is important that you keep yourself constantly informed and implement new measures and trends as soon as possible. As a professional web agency from Berlin and Munich, Shopboostr will be happy to help you. Just get in touch with us to discuss everything else without obligation. <br /> <br /> About the author<br /> <br /> Digital Comparison is an online comparison portal for the best security and software products. Our goal is to provide a neutral and informative overview? 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