London Image Festival Returns For Exciting New 2016 Exhibitions

<div>One of the capital's most exciting events is returning for 2016! The London Image Festival is dedicated to the exploration of image. This year, it has examples of photography and cinematography from rising international talent. It will run from the 7th to the 9th October 2016.</div> <p>London, United Kingdom; 1, September 2016: The festival's core photography exhibition will get held inside Hoxton Arches. There will also be an array of sidebars in other locations around East London. Much of the focus on this year's event will be on showcasing the work of female photographers. It will be offering in-depth explorations and comparisons of their assorted perspectives and styles.</p> <p>LIF Photography and Cinematography Competition finalists</p> <p>The festival will feature the work of this year's photography and Cinematography competition finalists. This year, the work showcased comes from international artists. They all share one common theme: their desire to tell a compelling story through their lenses.</p> <p>Life through the lens in Iran</p> <p>The 2016 festival will play host to the works of several female Iranian photographers. Their focus is to move their audience away from the limited conceptions of their country. The Iranian artists offer energetic and striking visuals portrayed through their vibrant imagery. Anyone that views their work can get a fascinating insight into their daily lives living in Iran.</p> <p>Wynne Neilly's self-portrait project</p> <p>Also featuring at this year's London Image Festival is an intriguing self-portrait project. It got completed by the well-known Canadian photographer, Wynne Neilly.</p> <p>Visitors to this year's festival will have the chance to engage with this project. It's a fascinating photography project that documents Neilly's transition from female to male. One can observe this journey from the weekly photographs taken by Neilly.</p> <p>The project comprises personal portraits and original editorial work. It gives viewers a chance to reflect on the different ways of showing up gender in photography.</p> <p>Jorge Amestar- The Crowd</p> <p>Spanish photographer, Jorge Amestar, portrays the highs and lows of party life. Through a series of black and white images, he took photos from many Spanish festivals. The result is an impressive collection of human transcendence. And, of course, the bleakness that can follow.</p> <p>His photographs capture the energy that flows in a festival. They are raw yet surreal in context.</p> <p>Willem and Sandra Jonkers</p> <p>A husband and wife team that hail from the Netherlands. This year's London Image Festival exhibits their work taken from the streets of Rotterdam. The collection captures ordinary daily life on the city's streets. Willem and Sandra began their street photography shortly after moving to Rotterdam in 2005.</p> <p>Caue Ito - The Aftermath of War</p> <p>A photographer and cinematographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His work details the aftermath of war in Syria and Iraq. A talented creator of landscape photography, Ito's cameras depict the devastating effects of conflict. It gives people a real insight into what life is like after the bombs drop.</p> <p>About the London Image Festival</p> <p>The London Image Festival is an annual event showcasing the works of talented artists globally. This year, it will be running from the 6th to the 9th October 2016. Aside from the exhibitions, there will also be a series of workshops on offer too.</p> <p>For Media Contact:<br /> G. Willis<br /> London Image Festival,<br /> 1 Vine Court,<br /> London, E1 1JH, United Kingdom<br /> Tel: +44 (0)7910 109493<br /> Email:<br /> Website:</p>




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