Nu Constel offers Kitchen Equipment Installation & Maintenance Services

Nu Constel, an independent subsidiary of Constellation Projects, is a frontline enterprise extending complete solutions with regard to installation, repair and maintenance of commercial kitchens.

<p><strong>New Delhi; 31, December 2015:</strong> The commercial journey of Nu Constel started in 1995 and for close to two decades, this prominent commercial kitchen solutions company has been an integral and self-established servicing subsidiary of Constellation Projects. Constellation Projects since 1995 has been engaged in supplying high-quality, imported commercial kitchen equipment to leading players and operators in the nation&rsquo;s F&amp;B industry. Nu Constel has been and continues to be a vital yet autonomous division of Constellation Projects proffering across the board <strong><a title="repair of commercial kitchens" href="">repair of commercial kitchens</a></strong> service.</p> <p>Nu Constel has long been sourcing and distributing an extensive range of paraphernalia relating to the food and beverages sector of the hospitality industry. The esteemed commercial organization has over the years established and entrenched its goodwill in this distinct sphere of the national economy and can boast of a clientele base comprising of world-class hotels and reputed F&amp;B catering services that&rsquo;s a veritable who&rsquo;s who list.</p> <p>Nu Constel as a renowned F&amp;B business organization furnishes all-embracing services including setting-up of imported and superlative quality of apparatus that are indispensable for the preparation, delivery, and presentation or serving of processed and semi-processed foods. The company enjoys a competitive edge in this aspect as it has arrangements for importing and distributing the top-notch F&amp;B brands from around the world. Numerically speaking, Nu Constel has partnership with more than 75 brands and marques in marketing their product lines as well as keeping the same in working condition.</p> <p>In the context of <strong><a title="maintenance of commercial kitchens" href="">maintenance of commercial kitchens</a></strong>, it is authorized to offer AMCs (annual maintenance contract) of all the brands it supplies and distributes. Entering into an AMC with a hotel or a commercial kitchen also entails providing the full range of components of the equipment it installs and repairs, including <strong><a title="commercial refrigeration food service equipments" href="">commercial refrigeration food service equipments</a></strong>. Additionally, Nu Constel undertakes repair of a surfeit of both domestic as well as imported gear that are used in the hospitality and commercial kitchen sector. It has entered into long-term contracts with numerous hotel chains for installation and upkeep of their commercial kitchens, and providing training to staff (both technical and operational).</p> <p>Nu Constel has on its payrolls, a highly professional team comprised of members who&rsquo;ve extensive experience in their respective fields and are acclaimed as industry leaders. The team members are veritable exponents having expertise in miscellaneous matters involving F&amp;B service kit. The organization envisions endorsing hospitality providers in their drive to offer peerless F&amp;B services with a mission to have at its disposal a team that&rsquo;ll excel in advancing stellar service in every conceivable division of the hospitality industry.</p> <p><strong>About Nu Constel</strong></p> <p><a title="" href=""></a></p> <p>Nu Constel is an accredited ancillary division of Constellation Projects that is basically involved in offering tailor-made and customized solutions in the field of food &amp; beverages. The registered office of the enterprise is situated in New Delhi.</p>




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