New Album Release By Sakra Shatters Modern Conventions

Sakra is a one-man experimental blues project, and perhaps the only in the world. Incorporating moody blues guitar with electronic samples and echoing effects, his music is visceral, understated, and completely unique. His new album “Don’t Scare the Cat” is 12 tracks of pure ambient joy and a breath of fresh air for listeners frustrated with the homogeneity of modern music.

Apache Junction, Arizona; 09, November 2015: The term “experimental” can be used to describe virtually any music that strays from the beaten path. However, for recording Artist Sakra, almost no other word can be used to describe his music. Based in blues, the music combines traditional bars, but also incorporates erratic time signatures and layers of ambient effects. The result is a captivating sound that only vaguely adheres to the structure of traditional blues and rock. From front to back, “Don’t Scare the Cat” will keep you hooked, while also making you as yourself “what the hell is happening?”

According to Sakra, the original intent was to create a pure blues/rock album, but the end result was something that could only be described as experimental. A practicing musician for more than ten years, Sakra used his experience in blues as the backbone for “Don’t Scare the Cat”, but supplemented it with his own artistic creativity to create a truly unique listening experience. Recorded using Garage Band, the album is well-produced, but still has plenty of edge. Dingy, droning guitars are backed by vaguely audible vocals to create a surreal and almost impending sound; an almost real life horror soundtrack.

Available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby ( and virtually any online music vendor, “Don’t Scare the Cat” is a fresh approach to modern blues. Blending old and new, poppy with subdued, each track features its own captivating tone, providing a deep message for anyone willing to listen, since the lyrics are often hidden behind a wall of sound.

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