Finally a Fully Functional Child Lock is Available for All Android Users

Child Lock Launcher is a long needed App for parents who had to think twice before giving their phones to their children.

12, October 2015: A fully functional android child lock has always been a need since it is almost unavoidable that kids are attracted to Smart Phones. Giving mobile phone to a kid without a working child lock can be a disaster as it gives complete access to every personal App and file on the phone. Child Lock Launcher developed by Bhanu Android Apps offers a creative solution to this by allowing limited access to selected Apps giving complete control of the phone to the original user only.

Ability to limit access to Apps

Owner can enable or disable access to Apps available on the phone to make sure that a child can open and use a pre-selected list of Apps only. Parents can now lock away galleries, games and other content which may not be suitable for children.

Enable or disable hardware keys

Child Lock Launcher allows the user to enable or disable hardware keys including Back, Menu, Volume, Search and Camera buttons to secure the phone while it is being used by children. It further limits the functionality of the phone ensuring children can only open and use the Apps allowed by their parents.

Set Wifi on or off

Setting Wifi on or off enables or disables accessibility to the internet for children allowing internet access to children only under supervision of an adult.

4 digit pin code

A 4 digit pin code can be set to open and close the kids’ mode. Parents can easily switch between the parental control mode and normal mode within seconds. It is as easy as turning on the flight mode or silent mode on the phone and also, it does not affect performance of the phone.

Extra features

Child Lock Launcher is focused on limiting accessibility of the phone, however it also comes with two extra features that may keep children happy and satisfied with what they get. Paint for kids and ABCD for kids (Learn English ABCD for kids) are two special features of Child Lock Launcher which have an educational value.

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